Joe Bezdek Bez Brand is led by its principal Joe Bezdek, an accomplished entrepreneur who started his career as an engineer but then, via an abiding fascination with the way people make decisions, found himself led to the world of brand strategy and design.

He’d tell you (if, say, he happened to be writing this bio in the third person) that these seemingly distinct disciplines are not so different as they appear. The common thread between them is design; the design of the tangible on one side and the abstract on the other, but in both cases, crafting a thing that fulfills a customer’s needs.

Joe was the co-founder and brand director of the video compression company DivX, Inc. (NASDAQ: DIVX), where he managed the DivX brand from its earliest days, ultimately growing it to a brand known and used by hundreds and millions of users around the world. He founded Bez Brand to help other opinionated people and companies find what makes them unique, and create their own brands that show it to the world.

In addition to working with clients, Joe also creates his own consumer product brands, and regularly speaks and conducts workshops with companies and groups about brand strategy and design. He lives in San Diego with his family, including one awesome dog.